Holy Cross Lutheran Indianapolis
The Campus of Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School (photo by CLyon Productions)

The Holy Cross Main Campus is located in Lawrence Township in Indianapolis, Indiana, along Oaklandon Road, and stretches from 79th Street to North of Fox Road.  It encompasses over 1.5 million square feet of land, of which only about 15% is developed.

Five main buildings make up the campus:

  1. The Worship Center, begun in 1989 and expanded in 1994 and again in 2002. Our traditional worship services are held here.
  2. The Education Center (School & Gym), begun in 2008, expanded in 2011, and expanded again in 2016. Our Creative Praise Contemporary Worship is held in the gym.
  3. The Crossing, built in 2011 and designed to connect the original Worship Center to the Education Center
  4. The Faith Life Center, the site of the original worship services of the mission congregation, purchased and converted to office and meeting space in 2001, and containing meeting spaces including The Garage and the Wartburg Room, The Youth Center, and all Church Staff Offices.
  5. The Community Center, a set of temporary buildings along the south side of the main parking lot.

Additionally there are playgrounds and an outdoor campfire/retreat theater alongside a pond and fountain.

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Holy Cross campus map 2016 BW all rooms doors and logo
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