Campus Changes 2019


Construction Has Begun!

Construction on our new campus parking lots and driveway is nearly complete. The City of Indianapolis will be installing a traffic light at the intersection of Oaklandon & Fox Roads in early 2020. We are pleased that Holy Cross will be given access to the intersection by providing a new driveway entrance! We have been especially blessed to receive a very generous grant that will allow us to modify our current drives and parking lots to take advantage of the new intersection. Most of this construction will take place this summer to be completed by the start of School this August. Both main drives will remain open throughout the project. However, there will probably be weekends when the lots may not have stripes or portions may be coned off. Thanks for being flexible as these exciting changes improve the safety of our campus. The city will complete the intersection the following Spring. For a detailed explanation of this project watch the video on our YouTube Channel: