We enthusiastically invite you to learn about becoming part of our growing family. We are confident that the Lord will make your fellowship with us a source of mutual blessing!

God gives His best to us – His Son, Jesus Christ. In response to that great love, we want to give our best to Him. If you join Holy Cross, we promise to serve your needs with all of the resources at our disposal. In turn, you promise to serve the Lord alongside us by sharing the time, talents, and treasures He entrusts to you.

Joining a church and committing yourself to the life and ministry of a local congregation is an important decision, and the best thing you can do for your own personal growth in faith. It is also the best way you can live out your commitment to Christ and the growth of His kingdom.

It’s also an intensely personal decision, so we invite you to pray about the possibility and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Where to Begin

  1. Get baptized.  Baptism is God’s means of receiving you into the family of faith, receiving His forgiveness and assurance of eternal life. Any Pastor can arrange for your baptism (and even members in times of emergency).  “He who believes and is baptized, shall be saved.” – Mark 16:16 
  2. Indicate your interest in joining by completing the Pew Register (a booklet at the end of each pew or row of chairs in every worship service) and check the box “Interested in Membership”, or speak with one of our pastors to arrange a visit to discuss the benefits of membership & involvement here at Holy Cross.
  3. Enroll in The Basics of the Christian Faith: Christianity 101, a required Bible Study for new Christians or people unfamiliar with the Lutheran Church. We also recommend it for those who join by transfer of membership from another Lutheran congregation.  It is an excellent review of basic Christian doctrine and helps in our witness to Christ and the defense of the faith.
    There are also two other very basic introductory classes that we ask all our members to complete.
    One is “Bible 101” which is a basic introduction to the Bible and how to understand what it says.
    The other is “Values 101” about what makes Holy Cross different from all other churches out there. They are offered several times each year. CLICK HERE for when they are offered.
  4. Complete a Membership Application form indicating your desire to be a part of our Holy Cross family of faith.  These can be readily obtained from the church office, from any pastor, or at Christianity 101 classes or Welcome Nights.
  5. Participate in New Member Sunday in which you will be publicly received into membership at Holy Cross. These are also held periodically throughout the year.

Membership Types

We have two designations for our members:

  1. If you are high school age or older, you will become a communicant member of Holy Cross by following the First Steps above, or by completing a program of confirmation instruction if you are in 7th and 8th grade.
  2. Children who are not yet eligible for communicant membership, or adults who have not yet taken the steps to become communicant members, but been baptized into the Christian faith will be considered baptized members.

I’m not new as a Lutheran

If you have held Lutheran Church membership in the past, but have been away from the church for a period of time, or are transferring from another Lutheran synod, you would be received by profession of faith. The Basics of the Christian Faith: Christianity 101 is encouraged for all new members, but especially for those received by profession of faith.

If you currently hold church membership in another Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod congregation, you may transfer your membership to Holy Cross by contacting your home congregation indicating your desire to transfer. They will notify us of your release of membership. As with all new members, we encourage attendance at The Basics of the Christian Faith: Christianity 101.

Important Files

Some important forms and files related to taking first steps to membership at Holy Cross.