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These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts.  Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Deuteronomy 6:6-7


Our Mission And You

1. Parent As Primary Provider

It is our belief that our part is to support the family, specifically the parent as they are the primary faith provider in the life of each youth.  We want to be your top resource in providing both resources and experience to help aid you in your relationship with your youth.

2. To Make Sure Every Youth Can Name 5 Adults Who Love Jesus And Have Made Impact

We firmly believe that ministry should be intergenerational.  Within that belief lies the understand that youth can both learn from and teach those younger and older than them.  We also believe that relationships should be personal.  They should have names and faces, memories and stories.  We believe that through nurturing relationship, our youth will have familiar faces to come home to while they are in college or adults that will cheer them on at the next game.  You can make a difference in this way.


What We Provide

Your 5 Questions serves as part of our curriculum for most of our bible studies, classes, and community nights as we send out e-mails and/or texts before each event so that you may be prepped to engage in meaningful and applicable to the lesson conversation immediately following each event.  To be signed up to receive “Your 5 Questions”, e-mail

Parent, Too Classes are youth class in which parents are invited to learn and grow with their student.  Since it is our belief that it’s the parents amazing role to pass such a great foundation, we aim to get the parent involved as much as possible.  “Parent, Too Classes” are currently for Confirmation Instruction classes only and meet on the first Wednesday of each month.

Parent Equipping Events are exactly what they sound like.  Each quarter, we create an event designed to help aid each parent in their families faith journey.  Conversations range from “Finding Balance In It All” to “College Prep” to “Help!  My Kid Is Dating!!!!!”  Whether we bring in a speaker or have a “town hall” discussion, these events are help to raise awareness of some topics and provide community in supporting you, the parent.

HCLC Village is a Facebook group for all adults wanting to be involved in the live’s of our young people.  Taken from the phrase, “It takes a village”, we don’t just want parents to be involved in knowing what is occurring in the lives of our youth and the youth ministry here at Holy Cross, we want all who desire to impact the next generation of whom Jesus loves.  Here just a couple things you can find in the HCLC Village.

  • Youth Events
  • Interactive Facebook Live Shows
    • “It Takes A Village” Facebook Live! Show – Tuesdays at 9 AM :: Interactive Informative Meeting for Adults regarding all things youth
    • “Ignite Live!” – Some Sundays at 5:15 PM :: Interactive Show after each Ignite Community Afternoon in which a youth talks about their learnings for the week.
  • Youth, Parent, and Advocate Articles
  • 5 Questions Update
  • Event Reviews
  • Ways To Get Involved
  • Prayer Requests
  • Cancellations and Postponements
  • Poll Questions
  • News On Our Youth

RUA5? is short for “Are You A Five?”  which is short to the question that each Holy Cross member can ask on a regular basis.  The question is this: Are you one of five people a youth will list off when asked who were the 5 people that impacted your faith the most at Holy Cross?  None of us have to be the ONE and ONLY, we get to share this, together.  We strive to make sure each and every person in the congregation can use their time and talents to help be a support for our youth.  Here are just a few ways in which all adults can be involved in the field of youth ministry at Holy Cross:

  • Prayer Partners are adults who sign up to pray for a 7th or 8th grader and continue these prayers, and perhaps even spark a relationship, at least until they graduate from high school.
  • Intergenerational Bible Study is offered almost every Sunday morning in order to allow for youth to mingle with adults, sharing stories, questions, and proclamations of Jesus and their journey.
  • Event Leaders are adults who possess leadership skills that allow for our ministry team to be more devoted to teaching and relating with our youth.
  • Chaperones are adults who enjoy relationships and are able to give of there time whether it be an afternoon or a week long mission trip!
  • Small Group Leaders are adults who commit to a two year process of relating with our youth through our Sunday Ignite Community Afternoons as well as other major events throughout the year.
  • Be A Fan of our youth by checking out our activity calendar and coming to their sporting events, music concerts, or anything else we are publicly promoting!

One Event Max is both a promise and a proposal.  We invite each parent to strongly consider leading, directing, or strongly assisting in just one major youth event each year.  Parenting is a full time job and does not leave room for much more.  We also believe that the church supports the home, so we do not want to zap all time away from the adult.  Click here to see all the Major Events in which parents can get involved.

Deep YOUR Walk with resources and experiences that will empower you and your faith journey.  Live it to give it!  Here are some opportunities for adults, specifically ones who aim to be an effective witness to our youth.

Other Holy Cross Parenting Resources

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Want to be 1 of 5 people to make an impact in the lives of a youth?

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