Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Help for Texas

From our LCMS Synodical President, Rev. Matthew Harrison:
“Let’s come to the aid of our LCMS friends in Texas. Hurricane Harvey is eerily similar to Katrina. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) responds to disasters constantly. Since Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, we’ve trained 15,000 LCMS people as early responders. Every single district has a disaster coordinator. Together we have amazing capacity to help.
When we respond, we come alongside our LCMS districts, congregations and church workers as they lead the effort in reaching out to their suffering communities. We have LCMS congregations in 161 communities hit by this storm!
We’ve done this before. We’ve responded to hurricane after hurricane. We’ve been on site after tornados, floods and fires. The LCMS, strengthening our people in New Orleans, rebuilt 6,000 homes after Katrina. The mayor of that city said that without the Lutherans, East New Orleans would not be rebuilt even today.
We need your help to do it again. And when you support this work, you know it’s going to be done in the clear confession and name of Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.

The LCMS is launching a major response to Harvey, and here’s how you can help:
Continue to pray. Pray unceasingly that Christ’s mercy and love are made known to the suffering. Pray for those who are going to share that love and mercy. Pray for our disaster response teams and our leaders, that they make wise decisions.
Give. Give as generously as you can, as the Lord allows.

If you own a smart phone you can send a text message to 414-44, and type LCMSHARVEY in the message field. After sending, you’ll receive a link via return text to a phone-friendly, secure donation form.
Volunteer. Know that our Synod is going to work in Texas. Specific volunteer opportunities will be communicated in the days ahead, and you can sign up to volunteer at”

Here’s the current news about the LCMS Response in Houston

We at Holy Cross will keep a close eye on the best ways we can assist in the recovery. Many of you helped in the cleanup efforts after Katrina in New Orleans. So you know how important it is that we don’t just rush in to help. It can cause more problems when volunteers aren’t coordinated. In New Orleans we coordinated with Lutheran Disaster Relief. So we will continue to monitor the all the relief efforts and respond appropriately. If you are willing to help, click “reply” and let us know, so we can keep you in the loop.