Pastoral Search Committee Formed


The Pastoral Search Committee has been assembled, following the guidelines in our ByLaws, to begin the search for a new Lead Pastor at Holy Cross. Pastor Sattler will be retiring in September. This Committee will be developing a Job Description (with the aid of the Spiritual Oversight Committee and the Voter’s Representative Board) and working with the Synodical officials to gather names of potential candidates. Those on the committee include: Bob Meister, Chairman; Bill Broecker, Sherri Branaman, Marya Kopetsky, Susan Muhl, Pastor McClean, John McDonald, Glenn Rauscher, Michelle Searcy, & Wayne Schmidt.  Keep this Committee in your prayers in the coming months as they seek the guidance of God for the candidate He already has in mind.

From Pastor McClean  

Dear Holy Cross Family,
The Holy Spirit is not leading me to pursue the role of Lead Pastor when Pastor Sattler retires. I have had several months to prayerfully consider what my role should be when Pastor Sattler retires.  I have had conversations with JoAnne, leaders at Holy Cross, close friends and people I trust.  I have come to the conclusion that my gifts are not in Administration and Organizational Leadership, but rather in connecting with people, preaching and teaching, and helping people to connect Jesus to their everyday life.  I believe that you get the best of me when I am doing ministry in those areas. I do not really see the Lead Pastor role as a “promotion” that would be the “next step in my career.”  God called me to be your pastor and I am honored to continue in that role with the gifts he has given me.  There are big challenges ahead of us, and I look forward to facing them together with you.  Join me in praying for our Call Committee and the process of identifying and calling a new Lead Pastor.