Seder Meal- March 29th


Christian Passover Seder at Holy Cross

March 29, 2018, Maundy Thursday evening, to be exact, a Christian Passover Seder Meal, celebrating the connection of the Passover with our Lord’s Passion, will take place at Holy Cross.

Jewish people celebrate the Passover every year in celebration of the Exodus of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples as He instituted Holy Communion. There is an intimate connection between those two meals. We will use the traditional Passover Hagada (order of service) and reflect on the connections with our relationship with Jesus. Holy Communion will be part of the evening Seder Meal.

We are pleased that we will have Ryan Karp from Chosen People Ministries in Chicago who will host the Seder for us.

Ryan & Jessica Karp
Ryan & Jessica Karp
Chosen People Ministries

This worship and meal event will require the help of many volunteers, but presently it needs a steering committee’s direction.  If you are curious as to what this might entail, or would be willing to help organize this event, please contact Paul Groth at