4 Those to Come FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our capital campaign, “4 Those to Come.”

Why are we doing this?

Holy Cross Lutheran - First Floor Plan HIGHLIGHTED 2000x1500There has been an amazing amount of growth in our Holy Cross School enrollment, as well as our weekend worship attendance through our 11:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship service. We are now offering two classes for each grade level from Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and as these children grow we will need more classrooms to maintain the ability to educate them as they advance. God has richly blessed the ministry of Holy Cross from day one, but these affected ministries are located in the Education Center of our campus.

To continue to encourage the growth of these ministries, Holy Cross is embarking on a capital fund drive to make possible the continued expansion of our Education Center. This is our fourth capital campaign at Holy Cross in recent years based on the theme “For Those to Come,” with this new one to be called “4 Those to Come”.

The floorpan above depicts (in yellow) the expansion that is being planned to enable us to offer two of all the grades in our school, while also providing additional space for our Contemporary Worship venue as well as our sports ministries. Our Building Task Force was hard at work developing the plans for this new space that cost approximately $4.3 million.

Continue to keep Holy Cross, and especially this new venture of growth, in your daily prayers as we seek to reach even more families in our community with the joy and the assurance that we have in Jesus.

What’s the plan?

As we were planning the Education Center in 2007, we developed a Master Site Plan that included a facility large enough to allow for two of all the grades through 8th grade. Our previous expansion projects were overwhelmingly successful, and the school has grown more than we could have anticipated back then! God has been at work in the hearts and lives of so many children and families! Now it’s time to follow God’s lead and complete the rest of the facility to allow all the children to attend who desire an excellent Christ-centered education.

The planned expansion will include five completed classrooms as well as five classrooms that will be shelled-in and completed as needed. The gymnasium will be expanded to allow for a full size court, additional spectator seating, locker rooms, a stage for our worship and school programs, and some additional storage and support space. Expanded parking is also part of the project

Why not just limit enrollment?

IMG_1025In the past, when a grade level reached capacity, we would place additional registrants on a waiting list. However, we have been facing a dilemma. We offer priority enrollment to members and current students. In recent years the number of current students returning, along with the member children exceeds the classroom size. The challenge we faced was whether to turn away member children. When the school was approved by the Voters Assembly in 2007, the projected enrollment was for two of all the grades “some day.” That day has arrived sooner than we expected, thus necessitating the need for expanded facilities.

Why do I have to pay for it?  Why not just increase tuition?

It’s a little known fact that the costs of a Lutheran School are significantly more than what tuition covers. Tuition covers the cost of the teacher and the curriculum. That’s it. All the rest of the costs are carried by Holy Cross Lutheran Church. That includes the building itself, the classroom equipment, utilities, custodians, computers & technology, and even the markers for the white boards!

Holy Cross Church is willing to cover the additional costs because we care so much about reaching area homes with the Gospel that we see the value of making Holy Cross School possible through our generosity.

In order to pay for the new facility through increased tuition, we would have to more than double tuition for each student over the next several years! That would make it nearly impossible for most of the students to attend, and therefore virtually no students would be in the school! We provide scholarships for lots of our current students, so they would no longer be able to attend.

The generosity of all of us will make it possible for God to reach more families for generations to come.

Why are pledges necessary?

In order to build a building, there needs to be money on hand to pay the architects and contractors. Instead of taking out a huge loan to do that, pledges allow us to take out what’s called a “Bridge Note” that is short-term (5 years) and secured by the pledges. That allows for a much lower interest rate and quicker payoff. Pledge are treated like collateral when applying for this kind of loan. One of the goals of a Capital Campaign is to raise the entire cost of the building instead of adding to our debt load. When we add to the debt, it eats into our annual Ministry Budget which adds a load to the ministry that will take place IN the new facility.

When do I start?

While the official “start” was the weekend of October 11, 2015 (to continue for 5 years through October 2020), start as soon as you can. A reason to initiate your giving in any year would be to benefit from employer matching gifts. Just be clear to indicate on the check or the envelope that this is to go towards your “Four Those to Come” commitment. Gifts to this commitment will be applied as soon as a pledge is submitted.

Can I give stock?

Absolutely! Please go to our give webpage to get the details about that.

Will my employer provide Matching Gifts?

Creative Praise WorshipEach employer handles that on their own, so you will need to check with your benefits department. Most of them will not allow gifts to a church, but they WILL to an accredited school. Holy Cross is a state accredited school. Need some help with this? Contact our Church Administrator, Michelle Searcy, msearcy@hclc.info

Do not forsake me, my God, until I declare your power to the next generation, you mighty acts to all who are to come. Psalm 71:18

But I’m not going to benefit from this. Why should I give?

The point of a sacrifice is that you DON’T benefit. When you DO, it’s called “payment for services rendered.” “Sacrifice” is to be generous in a way that benefits OTHERS, not me!

You have been blessed by the ministry of Holy Cross because someone invested in this ministry before you arrived. THEY didn’t benefit from their sacrifice. YOU did. They gave for those to come -> YOU!

We are here as a congregation For Those to Come… for those who are not here YET!

“Freely you have received; freely give!” Matthew 10:8

The financial numbers seem confusing. Could you explain?

  • $4.6 million = the total cost of construction including soft costs (architect, insurance, IT, desks, closing costs, etc.) We have already paid $300K of those costs from the monies that continued to come in following “For Those to Come 3.”
    So what we still need to pay is…
  • $4.3 million = the cost of construction that needed to be financed. This includes the additional items approved at the Voters Meeting (stage & 2nd floor classroom). This number turned out more than originally expected because construction costs are up significantly. The new gym, for instance, costs twice what the first half cost.
  • $4 million = the goal that was set for the Capital Campaign that was determined a year ago… back before we had the design finished or the construction estimates. We did everything we could to reduce the cost of construction to as close to the goal as we could without compromising the reason for the project.
  • $4.152 million = this is what has been actually pledged by 263 giving units, significantly more than what was predicted. That means that only $150K is needed to make this a debt-free project. If no more pledges come in, that amount is what was is planned to be included in our annual ministry budget to cover the cost of the additional 2nd floor classroom. So it’s not beyond the scope of what was planned all along!

As you probably know, we are opposed to additional debt because it eats into the ministry budget. But we’re also aware that there are situations in which debt makes sense, such as for the 2nd floor classroom that will cost $100K more if we wait. The cost of the debt will be cheaper.