Why The Res?

Less than a mile away from the Geist Reservoir is a place dedicated to a student community as they are deepening their relationship, defending the truth, and delivering the eternal source of life, Christ Jesus, the living water.  As they are engaged, equipped, and empowered, they come to understand this fire burning from the inside, a reservoir of the spirit’s fire, that is continually being developed, refining the lives of all those around, all thanks to the resurrection of a God-sent Savior.


Three sitting areas, books and other faith-based resources, an information station with calendars and registration forms, six coffee tables, piano, keyboard, karaoke microphone, and a gaming area including shuffleboard, Nintendo Wii, pool table, ping pong, Jenga Extreme, and a huge collection of board games.  Room also features snacks and refreshments including soda, espresso drinks, and an assortment of chips and cookies.

Hours of Operation

Wednesdays 5 – 6:10 PM

Contact Brandon Grelle for availability at