Youth Discipleship Journey


HCLC Youth Ministry works with families to engage youth to deepen their relationship with Jesus, equip them to defend their faith, and empower them to use their gifts to impact the world.


We use a “belong, believe, become” model grows according to age group but allows for late bloomers to grow based on where they are at in their life’s journey.  In 5th-6th grade (Spark), we put a heavy emphasis on engaging, allowing the students to belong to a community of youth their age.  In 7th – 8th grade (Sizzle), we continue having the same type of communities but begin to hone in on equipping our students through confirmation and other study, perhaps even small groups.  Lastly, while having a steady focus on community development and instruction opportunities, we place extreme importance on empowering them to deliver their faith to others, whether that’s in an ownership of their own ministry, being able to lead and sustain a small group community outside the church.  While the student is growing individually, we also aim to include parents and other adults within our ministry, whether through chaperoning events, leading small groups, becoming a mentor, engaging their family in at-home bible study, or giving instruction on how to develop spiritual disciplines as a family.

By their high school graduation, we pray and focus on engaging, equipping, and empowering each student, allowing them to be able to see Christ daily as they impact the world around them with his love and strength!