Our Youth Team

Youth Ministry Staff is our full time youth ministry staff at Holy Cross.  They make sure the day-to-day operations are being performed, as well as cast a vision for our youth ministry.

Youth Ministry Task Force is our proactive youth board whose main purpose is to make sure we are carrying out our mission statement while setting goals for our ministry, evaluating those goals, and communicates with the parents, inviting them to take on key roles in youth ministry here at Holy Cross.

  • Alan Delauney
  • Greg Heuer
  • Emi Kreklau
  • Brenda Reed
  • Jan Smith

Small Group Leaders are trained adults, equipped to mentor youth by way of small group discussion during our weekly events as well as pursue Christ-centered relationships both at weekend retreats and going to student events.

Kindlers are trained adults, equipped to mentor youth by way of encouraging, teaching, guiding, and enjoying relationships with our high school youth through our events as well as making it a priority to get involved in their lives outside of youth activities.

  • Jason “Tobes” Toberman
  • Sara Petrisin
  • Jacob Petrisin
  • Rachel Grelle
  • Hayden DeFord
  • Patrick Hanlon
  • Sheryl Carothers
  • Becky Hufty

Major Event or Specific Ministry Coordinators are parents who take on one event a year and work with the ministry team and youth core to organize that one event in order for the Youth Core to stay focused on the big picture and our Youth Ministry Team to focus on day-to-day operations and Small Group Leaders can focus in on building those relationships at every event possible.

Major Event Coordinators

  • Easter Breakfast (Apr 21) – Greg Heuer, Chanel Heuer, Craig Finke, Carrie Finke, Jennifer Hohnbaum, Tony Vendeley
  • Confirmation Retreat 2019 (Apr 26-28) – Christine Brown
  • Church Picnic 2019 (Aug 19) – Janeen Weldy, Joy Wilson, Mary Ahlbrand
  • Ignite Retreat 2019 (Aug 23-25) – VACANT
  • Sizzle Retreat (Aug 23-25) – Matt Reed
  • Kick-Off (September 7) – VACANT
  • IDYG Representative (Nov) – Vacant
  • Ignite Christmas Progressive Dinner and Lock In (Dec) – Sherri Leiner
  • Sizzle Christmas Party (Dec) – vacant
  • Youth Cafe (Jan) –
  • Chili Cook-Off and Dessert Auction (Jan/Feb) – Rachel Grelle
  • 30 Hour Famine (Mar) – Denise Hanania

Specific Ministry Coordinators 

  • Prayer Partners – Heather Bush
  • College Connection Ministry – Theresa Heilman
  • Youth Center Snack Coordinator – Linda Pardieck
  • RUA5 Coalition – Alan Dalauney
  • Guest Manager – Marti Deford

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